Driveway Pride

Two boys proudly pose heads-out of a 1955 Oldsmobile. It’s parked on the bias exactly where it should be, right in the middle of the driveway so all the lucky neighbors and rubber-necking passers-by can marvel at its breathtaking beauty. That positive/negative paint job highlights that sassy side swoosh like no other two-tone could.

But when the tires match the taillights and it looks like the car is wearing lipstick, who’s looking at sassy side swooshes! And this is no Photoshop trickery here. This is an extremely rare sighting of aftermarket rubber rings offered to color coordinate with your classy car.

And who wants whitewalls anyway when you can have redwalls, yellowwalls greenwalls or bluewalls? Apparently not enough motorists desired their tires tinted and the wannabe automotive fashion fad pooped out quickly. So enjoy the colorwalls here cuz you may never see them again!

Here’s to the kids, colorwalls, Oldsmobility and YOU!

Charles Phoenix
October 7, 2011