Donuts & Ice Cream

This slide isn’t about the plate full of delicious donuts, the red and white gingham checked half-gallon carton of milk or the pack of Marlboro cigarettes.

It’s not about the girl sandwich trio; horn rimmed glasses, her Notre Dame sweatshirt or his penguin and polar bear sweater, either.

Neither is it about the chicken motif printed on the plastic portable oven cover nor the plain black wall phone.

This slide is about ice cream, Neapolitan ice cream. One wall is strawberry, the other chocolate and the table, vanilla!

Let ice cream be the inspiration to your new interior paint scheme. And donuts always make a great centerpiece. Eat donuts and paint your kitchen your favorite flavor of ice cream!

Cheers to donuts, Neapolitan ice cream and YOU!

Charles Phoenix
September 27, 2012