Dapper Day is my faaave day of the year to experience Disneyland. It’s the day everybody dresses up in their beautiful best and struts their stuff in the original Magic Kingdom and California Adventure!

This magical event is a perfect match for my …


WHEN: Sat, Sept. 19 – 12 noon to 1:15-ish

WHERE: Anaheim – Downtown Disney’s AMC Theater


And now … Disneyland Double Exposed, 1961

Sleeping Beauty’s Castle is slightly double exposed on the House of the Future. Its medieval meets mid-century! Medievalism and modernism have never been so close. For a mere, but marvelous ten years, between 1957 and 1967, Disneyland’s legendary all-plastic House of the Future was just outside of Tomorrowland, perched on a pedestal, steps from the castle. They both represent fairy tales – one speaks of the future and the other of the past.

But who is supposed to be posing for this pic? Is it the twins wearing matching puffed-sleeved-pinafore party dresses over white bobby socks and black patent leather? Or is it the woman who wears sensible yet stylish shoes and her two followers, whose stride seems clearly interrupted?

I have no idea. But, I do know that the little girls look like they just stepped out of an animated Disney classic. And their dresses match the giant TV screen-like windows of the house that, nearly 60 years after it was built and fifty after it was demolished, still looks futuristic.

Design-wise and stylistically speaking, Disneyland’s House of the Future, is a miracle of modernity. This marshmallow, wheel of cheese home is beyond the space age. Way beyond. So far beyond that we  haven’t even gotten there yet.

Can you just imagine a House of the Future tract? Think dozens of them dotting a hillside, covered with bright yellow flowers and lush greenery. Would they be all refrigerator white or come in decorator colors? I can see even the two, three and even ten story versions. House of the Future high-rises !!! … My imagination is inspired and my spirit is soaring! … and I can’t wait for Dapper Day – hope to see you there !!!

Cheers to Dapper Day, Disneyland and YOU !!! …

Charles Phoenix