Diner Dining

Circular signs of Gulf and Coca Cola dot in the distance across the parking lot where bright-eyed, dull-colored cars, parked outside boxy double white windowpanes, wait for their owners.

Inside, warm knotty pine paneling and tropical-ish print bark cloth curtains compliment a lamp-lit, wood trimmed, buttery-tan Naugahyde upholstered booth where a party of four half poses for this picture. The lone man finishing his dessert and the lady in blue glance toward the lens. But the hot pink hatted, tri-pearl stranded lady — dressed to match the tablecloth — sternly stares at the snow-capped coed.

All the while, the pursed-lipped pioneer woman up front and center has no idea she’s being photographed. Say cheese!

Here’s to the diner, the diners and YOU!!!

Charles Phoenix
May 3, 2012