The Mint casino

A lone soul stands centered on Fremont, the most electrifying street east of the Mississippi. He’s probably hypnotized because the moment is rare when sunlight and shade are divided so evenly between the most fashion-forward façade on Earth and the high-gloss, low-price cars parked in front of it.

Street style-wise, the Mint has it all; stripes, polka dots, a hovering lasagna noodle, a great font and a spellbinding soaring arch that curves straight upward toward outer space. At night it becomes a shocking pink neon show extravaganza of the absolute highest order. This is more than masterful signage as architecture.

Whoever took this slide should get an award. What timing. And whoever named this place must’ve been colorblind. It’s not mint… its pink!

Here’s to the pink, the Mint and YOU!

Charles Phoenix
August 8, 2012