Cub Scouts and Kites

Kite flying is SO underrated. I bet these kite-toting Cub Scouts know that.

I was never a Cub Scout, but I was a kite flyer. On Memorial Day, I flew a kite for the first time in about 40 years. I’d waited long enough. Let’s go fly a kite!

My friend Rob suggested we go to Angel’s Gate Park up on the cliffs of San Pedro, where the up-sweeping wind is sure to sail just about anything. So we did and it did.

But first I had to buy a kite. Where to buy a kite in L.A.?, you may ask. Answer: Kip’s Toyland at Farmers Market. Kip’s been selling toys on the corner of Third and Fairfax since 1940! Who doesn’t love buying a kite from a 95-year-old toy merchant?

I was hoping for the ‘ol balsa wood and paper type, the kind of kite I flew as a kid. But they don’t seem to make those anymore. So a plastic bat-shaped flyer in red white and blue stars and stripes would have to do. And do it did.

With the help of good vibes from fellow kite flyers and a brisk breeze blowing off the waves and ripples of the Pacific, our kites were as high as we were (on kite flying, of course) in mere moments.

After a good spell, Rob’s string snapped and his kite flew and blew away for good. Then a few minutes later, I somehow, stupidly, forgot for a split second I was flying a kite and let go of it. DANG!

But against all odds, or at least most of them, as it floated away on the wind, my kite string magically attached itself to a not-so-distant power line, held on and my kite kept flying. All by itself. We stood there in awe.

My imagination was inspired and my spirit soared. Kite flying. I can’t recommend it enough!

Here’s to kite flying and YOU!

Charles Phoenix
May 30, 2012