Dreamy Dessert Deliciousness In A Cheesecake Kinda Way

Cream Soaked Cookie Cake CP 600

I’ve baked pies in cakes, candy in cakes, Cheese Wiz and even Spam, experimenting in the Charles Phoenix Test Kitchen, so it’s high time I cross pollinate cookies and cake. I’m talking supermarket superstar cookies – Oreos, Nutter Butters, Chips Ahoy, Fudge Stripes and Circus Animals, of course. But before they meet up with the batter, they’re soaked overnight in half & half.  Go ahead and use cream if you want to. I would’ve, but I didn’t want to kill you!

Cream Soaked Cookie Cake 600

Cream Soaked Cookie Cake from the Charles Phoenix Test Kitchen


The sweet surprise of this kooky cake is that with all the added cream the finished frosted combo of cookies and cake turned out to be delicious, of course, but in a special cheesecakey kind of way.

Cookie Cake ingredients

Ingredients of the Cream Soaked Cookie Cake



2 pkgs Oreos

2 pkgs Nutter Butters

2 pkgs Chips Ahoy

2 pkgs Circus Animals

2 pkgs Fudge Stripes

½ gallon Half & Half

4 white boxes cake mix prepared according to box instructions + 8 Eggs Whites

6 tubs of Milk Chocolate Frosting

cream soaked cookie cake cut

Cream Soaked Cookie Cake w Milk Chocolate Frosting



Evenly divide half & half into 5 8” cakes pans.

cookie cake cream soaking

Cookie Soaking Overnight in Half & Half


SOAKING THE COOKIES: Fill pans with enough of each of the broken cookies pieces to absorb the half & half overnight (about one package of each). Fudge Stripes and Circus Animals will require some additional cookies from the second package to absorb all the half & half.  Keep adding broken cookies until virtually all the half & half is absorbed.

cookie cake pour

Batter soaked cookie moosh and more batter


BAKING: Add enough batter to cover bottom of each cake pan. Spoon soaked cookies each in a different layer. Cover cookie and cream mixture completely it with more batter.

Bake cakes according to box instructions, keeping in mind additional baking time may be required (use the ol’ dry toothpick trick).

cookie cake top

Carousel of Circus Animals and a Fudge Stripe Cookie on Top


Once baked cakes have cooled, cut off the dome with a serrated knife. Wrap each layer in plastic wrap and freeze cakes until you’re ready to stack and frost. Frost generously, decorate with cookies and serve prepared for lots of compliments on your cream soaked cookie cakes!

cream soaked candy cake

Cheers to Cream Soaked Cookie Cake and YOU !!! …