Cheers To Christmas Color Coordination And YOU!

Color Coordinated Christmas

Not sure what that little black pointy-eared stuffed something is supposed to be, but I do know that the classy couple clasping it are color coordinated quite nicely. His baby blue sport coat and black slacks over black suede shoes and her blue waist-banded buoyant circle skirt of genuine winter white wool felt should serve as an inspiration to fashionistas everywhere.

Who styled this photo anyway? And more importantly, who is their interior designer? Rarely if ever have I seen a living room with such an unexpected and original color scheme. Who, before or after this slide was taken, has ever dared to pair titty pink and aqua with mustard yellow and chartreuse? This colorful combo is more than mesmerizing! Designers and color theorists, you might want to take a note on this!

And, just in case you haven’t noticed yet, the Christmas tree is matchy, matchy too!

Cheers to Christmas color coordination and YOU!

Charles Phoenix
Los Angeles, CA