Circleville Pumpkin

Among the crowd, two suited men stand out gazing and pointing at the beautiful, bountiful harvest of pumpkins and gourds lined on wooden platforms. A pumpkin tree is staged in the heart of town. Its Christmas tree-ness reminds us that Santa season is right around the corner. A fun Ferris wheel spins a block away. Welcome to one of Americana’s greatest pumpkin parties.

Thousands of folks come every year from far and near to admire the gorgeous gourd expo, catch a glimpse of the “Little Miss Pumpkin Show” (kinda Toddlers and Tiaras?) and enter the biggest pumpkin contest. I’m surprised they haven’t changed the name of the town to Pumpkinville!

Not only are the pumpkins ogled and admired, they get gobbled up, too. Pumpkin cookies, cakes, pancakes, waffles, donuts, ice cream, cream puffs, brownies, taffy, fudge, burgers, blossoms and seeds are all on the menu.

The superstar of the food show is the “World’s Largest Pumpkin Pie.” It’s six feet across and has 40lbs of sugar in it. I wanna know where you get a pie tin that big? The super pie sounds yummy but no one in Circleville will touch it after being on display and drooled on for four festive days. But thankfully it doesn’t go to waste. As soon as the pumpkin party is over it’s served up to some very lucky pigs. Oink, oink! Pigs like pumpkin pie and so do I. Don’t you?

This year Circleville celebrates 110 years of its legendary pumpkin fest. I look forward to the privilege of someday touring Circleville, Ohio and attending this legendary annual pumpkin party extravaganza!

Cheers to pumpkin everything in Circleville, the pie pigs and YOU!