But Will It Erupt Whipped Cream?

Long before I stuffed three pies in three cakes and called it the Cherpumple, I think I’d baked about two cakes in my entire life. But since then I’ve been oh so busy in my Test Kitchen crafting and concocting all kinds of crazy cakes and other eye-popping potluck pleasers and edible party centerpieces.

And since we all like things that erupt, I thought it was high time to bake a cake that would spew, spurt and spout whipped cream fresh from a highly pressurized aerosol can.

But not just any ol’ whipped cream — Reddi-wip, a kitschy kitchen classic since 1948.

So, I just happened to have a couple of cakes lounging around the Test Kitchen. A leftover Cherpumple, and an intensely food colorized cake I’ve been experimenting with. How convenient. With one teetering on top of the other I now had six generous layers of cake.

First step was to insert a plastic eruption tube into the cake, then electric knife it into the shape of a volcano; frost madly and decorate with candy all in anticipation of a whipped cream eruption.

With the tube coming out of the side of the cake in one hand, and a well-chilled can of Reddi-wip in the other, I was now going to find out once and for all if this aerosol experiment would work and if whipped cream would fly. Would it ??? … Watch the video and see for yourself.

Let them eat cake … that erupts!