There’s something interesting around every corner, no matter where u go.

And the corner of Bellflower and Artesia Blvds, is no exception. For it is there that, snuggled in the vast sea of suburbia, sits one SoCal’s most precious places. Chris’ & Pitt’s BBQ. This Bellflower beauty isn’t just any old BBQ joint, oh NO! ‘Tis the greatest streamline, modern. faux log cabin BBQ diner joint on the planet.

This sensational showstopper has been serving up mouthwatering meats since 1949. I’m not sure when it got lavished with that spellbindingly brilliant log cabin coat of paint. Whenever it was, this is faux painting fabulousness like I’ve never seen before. Not to mention, that well lit, wrap-around signage, the pair of red wagon wheels, all those turquoise scalloped window frames, and that gorgeous glittering neon sign. The overall color theory is genius, too.

All that and ham, beef, pork and ribs too. What, specials for $9.95? That’s a small price to pay for this delicious piece of history. No matter how you slice it, Chris’ & Pitt’s Bellflower is priceless. Long may it stand! Now, please pass the BBQ sauce!

BTW, this charmer and dozens of SoCals other underrated, unknown and misunderstood architectural gems and jewels, will be celebrated like they never have been before in my

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Sunday, Oct 12

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Here’s to Chris’ & Pitt’s and YOU!

Charles Phoenix