Chicken Dinner Candy Truck

A giant chicken nests on a pick-up truck parked in front of a Chrysler-Plymouth dealer. Behind it in the window a coral ’56 Chrysler Windsor is on display. What the Oscar Meyer Weiner Mobile is to Oscar Meyer the Chicken Dinner Candy Truck is to Chicken Dinner Candy.

Yes, there really was a candy called “Chicken Dinner Candy.” It must’ve been something like eating sweet chicken bullion. The Sperry Candy Company in Milwaukee, Wisconsin manufactured the odd candy. Even with its rusty chrome wheel cover the colorful one-of-a-kind pick-up promoted the candy better than any billboard could as it drove around town making promotion stops. Color-wise, the fender skirted, turquoise and yellow two-toned truck is a stark contrast to the hot pink chicken perched on top like a camper. Perhaps the big bird was stocked with the sweet treat and the wings flapped up to create shade for the window to buy the candy.

Whatever happened to this strange candy, this time it was made, who concocted it and where is this truck now? Was it vegetarian or was there chicken in it? I wish I could tell you. Mmmmm.

Speaking of Candy, one of Southern California’s sweetest holiday traditions continues nightly this holiday season until December 23rd at Logan’s Candies, in my hometown of Ontario. Since 1933 they’ve been making hand-made candy canes. The mesmerizing ritual takes place in full view of the customers. Watching candy canes being made is hypnotic. They range from 6″ to 16′ and are priced between one and one-thousand dollars. Also while you’re there make sure to stock up on some of their psychedelic colored ribbon candy. They’re also made right there. The old neon sign out front isn’t bad either.

Logan’s Candies is at 125 W. B St., Ontario, 909-984-5410.

Here’s to Chicken Dinner Candy, Logan’s Candy Canes and You!