So my boyfriend sent your YouTube video to me and jokingly said we should make it (which really means “You should make it while I watch and make snide comments”). But! Instead of falling for his ill-concealed, chauvinistic trap, I decided to make a party out of it!

I made a Facebook group (because really, what happens without a fb group these days?) and relegated different pake (as we began calling it) layers to different friend households. This was one-sixth because I didn’t want to be the one trapped in the kitchen slaving away for the enjoyment of others, one-sixth because I am but a poor college student, and two-thirds because it is a fantastic potluck idea and good excuse to gather people together.

Some hazards when entrusting a leg of the epic adventure that is the Cherpumple to others not within your kitchen/control:

1) Your pan sizes might be different,

2) They may not like either cherry, apple or pumpkin pie and thus may decide to mess with the make-up of the pake.