It's A Springtime Dinner Delight!

It’s a Springtime Dinner Delight!

This sheep-shaped Easter Sunday main course is the savory reinvention of the classic lamb cake. Perfect for that post egg-hunt holiday dinner served with pride alongside your favorite springtime side dishes.

What you’ll need:

3 lbs your fave meatloaf mix
4 lbs potatoes mashed
1 bag of frozen corn
1 bag of frozen peas
Bunch of carrots

Dyed Easter Eggs

Lamb Cake Mold (find it here)

Large piping bag with star tip

14″ round platter


Bake your favorite meatloaf recipe in each of the two sides of the lamb cake mold. Remove from pans, drain off all that excess fat. Fill star tipped piping bag with mashed potatoes. “Glue” lamb front and back together with mashed potatoes. Firmly place whole lamb loaf on mound of mashed potatoes. Finish lamb with piped mashed potatoes to resemble a thick coat of wool. Finish mashed potato mound with thawed peas and corn. Quarter carrots and press into mashed potato base creating a starburst. Give your little lamb a face of pea eyes and a small carrot chip nose/mouth combo. Then circle the delightful dish with 18 dyed eggs. Ring the Easter dinner bell, gathers guest around the dining room table and present your Easter Meatloaf of Lamb. Take time to let everyone take pix, slice, serve and enjoy! Happy Easter … meatloaf of lamb !!!