Cada de Cadillac

Blazing neon, a seventeen foot flocked tree, painted icicles, two-story candy canes and shiny new Cadillacs — it’s Christmas at Casa de – 1955

Recently a fine friend of mine, Mr. Stork went to work at this legendary San Fernando Valley automotive agency. While rummaging through a drawer he discovered this amazing slide which had not seen the light of day for nearly five decades.

Casa de Cadillac is one of the most spectacular mid-century modern automotive display cases ever built. The year was 1949, the same year Cadillac introduced the Coupe de Ville. Today, Casa de Cadillac is the architectural highlight of the valley where it has been offering the finest luxury cars ever since. After 55 years the Coupe de Villes have been replaced by Escalades but miraculously the structure and signage remain virtually unchanged.

Here’s to Casa De Cadillac and to YOU!!