Downtown Los Angelesland Just Got A New “land.”

Downtown Los Angelesland just got a new “land.” It’s called Broadland, and the theme is modern art.

On the outside, Broadland is a sensibly sized structure that inspires thoughts of grated cheese, mainly because it looks like what would happen if a building and a cheese grater had a baby.

Once inside the inner belly of the Broad beast, the free-form, cave-like environment leads you past a land-of-the-giants sized stack of spinning plates (only if you walk around them) to an exciting escalator heading straight into a hole.

It’s a thrill ride to the main gallery of high-priced, precious pieces by mod masters. As you ponder and wander the works, you quietly realize the cheese grater is a giant sunscreen inviting in the a generous glow of indirect light. The building works not only as a sensational showcase for the art but as a piece of art itself.

For this castle of creativity I call Broadland, we have Eli and Edythe Broad to thank. THANK YOU, Mr. and Mrs. Broad, you’ve inspired our imagination and made our civic spirit soar !!! … Downtown Los Angelesland will never be the same.

Cheers to the Broads, Broadland and YOU !!! …