Breasty Billboard

Everyone knows turkeys have big breasts. But we don’t usually think of them as going topless. I’ve never ever seen one of these buxom fowls with a bra strapped on it, have you? But thanks to some 1950s creative advertising genius we have now. And it’s about time.

Turkey bras are SO inspired! All turkeys should be shipped to market wearing one.

And for that matter, let’s shake up our beloved Thanksgiving dinner tradition by serving our plump and juicy roast tom turkeys wearing bras. Imagine the surprise and delight of your thankful dinner guests.

Once the turkey bra brouhaha blows over, don’t skip a beat. Serve a big pink HoneyBaked ham with a pair of panties on it! Your Turkey Day denizens will be delighted and Thanksgiving will never be the same!

In the future, Turkey Day is destined to become a big underwear party!

Here’s to Thanksgiving underwear and YOU!

Charles Phoenix
Los Angeles, CA