Bob's Big Boy

Who can ever forget the Bob’s Big Boy Combo? That signature mushy double burger littered with wilted shredded lettuce, dressed with their own hamburger relish and gobs of mayonnaise served with a bonus bun in the middle. Not only was it difficult to swallow, but it was the inspiration for the Big Mac.

When I was a kid we ate at Bob’s a lot. I downed way more Big Boy Combos than I would ever care to admit. My favorite part was dipping those soggy French Fries in that big dollop of blue cheese that topped of that little bowl of iceberg lettuce. And those chocolate milkshakes served in silver goblets.

Bob’s began as a traditional hamburger stand in Glendale, California in 1936. By the late 1940s there was a handful of stylish coffee shop/drive-ins bearing the name and Big Boy logo in the Los Angeles area. The first franchise, called Frisch’s Big Boy, was in Michigan in 1952. During the 50s, 60s and 70s the chain expanded into many other states including Texas, where it was called Kip’s Big Boy.

Bob, the charming, chubby fiberglass iconic clone, with the check overalls and the Elvis coif, was to the chain what the Statue of Liberty was to the United States. While Lady Liberty held the flame, Bob Held a Hamburger

Here’s to you and Bob