A Cherpeaple

Since the hubs doesn’t like pumpkin pie, we substituted peach for the pumpkin. As such, we called our creation the Cherpeaple.

A spring form pan and long slow cooking for each cake seemed to be the trick for us. It was a HUGE hit at our family Christmas celebration. Thanks Charles! We couldn’t have done it without you!!


Cook Pumpum

For Thanksgiving I created the Pumpumpum, a variation on the Cherpumple, except with only pumpkin pies. For Christmas, I decided to go a bit further and place cookies INSIDE the pies as well!

While only two layers, one pumpkin pie had sugar cookies, and the other had chocolate chip. The cakes (chocolate and butter) were dyed red and green for the holiday occasion. Iced with buttercream, crushed Oreo cookies were placed on the side, and Mint Milano’s on top of the cake(s) with M&M’s in the middle.


Laid Back Frosty

The bottom layer cracked and our Frosty the Cheeseball Man kept falling over. We ended up putting a chop stick down through to keep him vertical. Once the heat started he just laid over on his back in his pool of Rotel. I kept the heat low and he smiled up at us throughout the party, so happy we were devouring him!


CherpumpleWe have a yearly Turducken party. This is the Cherpumple to go with this year’s Tuduckenen (turkey, duck, chicken and game hen).


Christmas Cherpumple

Created for the office holiday baking competition, hence the Christmas Tree theme. Needless to say it was a success! Used homemade pies with store-bought cake mixes and icing.