Astroweenie Ball

Attempting to inspire a new addition to the classic 4th of July bar-b-Q feast, with last week’s slide about SPAM I included a recipe for SPAM CAKE. Much to my surprise three people emailed me and said they tried it and it was delicious! Can it be? Now I’m inspired to try it myself. Stay tuned.

I should’ve arrived at the 4th of July party I went to with a SPAM CAKE but I did not. My vintage oven is on the blink – oh well! Anyway, I decided to get creative and design some edible art inspired by something you’d see in one of those old 50s-60s Betty Crocker or Better Homes and Gardens cookbooks that I spend hours looking at. So I went to the store and this is what I came up with. This isn’t a traditional vintage slide of the week but I wanted to share this with you – of course! Bring this to the party and you will be the belle of the ball — the ASTRO-WEENIE BALL — that is.


Spike the above with multi-colored toothpicks and stick them into the cabbage with force. Wear a thimble while doing so otherwise the sharp toothpicks will prick your tender little fingers. Fry the cocktail weenies in a skillet on both sides until they are brown. Sample a few to make sure they’re good ‘n tasty. Pierce them with wood skewers and stick them into the cabbage. Scream with joy and serve with Bob’s Big Boy Bleu Cheese dressing.

Here’s to you and the ASTRO WEENIE BALL

Charles Phoenix
July 7, 2005