This recipe was brought to my attention by a colleague informing me that my label design for Burgundy Pearls was featured in your fabulous blog.

I was SO EXCITED to find this in time for an upcoming Mid-Century Potluck party that I did up my “do,” donned my best party frock, and brought a mouthwatering, marvelous, utterly fabulous Astro-Veggie Christmas Tree of the Future for the amazement and dining delectation of the guests!!!!!!!!

Unfortunately, $50 worth of olives and veggies and 220 toothpicks later, I discovered the party was scheduled for the FOLLOWING Saturday. So my good-natured date suggested we bring the tree to The Alley (Oakland’s piano bar), where we shared it with a crowd of torch singers who were glad of the extra olives for their martinis – and managed to have a delicious time of it, despite my scheduling fail.

Thanks for the fun! Happy Olive Days!

Kimberly Cross
Burgundy Pearls Art Director and
Party Ditz Extraordinaire