Another Weird Cake

Going through other people’s old slides I’ve seen a lot of cakes but this one is unexplainable. Yellow, orange, Chinese red, avocado green and black lumps of mystery matter on top of tan frosting. It’s ANOTHER WEIRD CAKE – and the SLIDE-OF-THE-WEEK. Cake is special. It would be unfathomable to celebrate a wedding, anniversary or birthday without one.

Glad the ASTRO WEENIE BALL was such a big hit last week, as well as the SPAM CAKE slide of the week two weeks ago! After receiving three thumbs up reviews of the SPAM CAKE recipe that I included in the email I decided that I better try it myself. So I went to the supermarket and got a box of Betty Crocker white cake mix and a tub of cream cheese frosting. I haven’t baked a cake in probably twenty years and had no idea that frosting only comes premixed in tubs now. How convenient! Then I looked high and low, up and down every aisle for the SPAM and couldn’t find it anywhere. Finally I had to ask

With a brown paper bag stacked with SPAM CAKE ingredients I sped as fast as the law allows to a friend’s house who offered his oven to bake the crazy concoction in. Opening the box of white cake mix I was overwhelmed and got somewhat high off of the artificial flavor fumes that filled the kitchen. Next thing I know the SPAM was grated, mixed in the batter and the cake was in the oven done. It got frosted and my friend and I timidly cut ourselves each a big slice. The SPAM gets pulverized by the mixer so you hardly know it’s there. DARN! All the salt in the SPAM just makes the cake taste even sweeter! Next time I would add food coloring to both the cake and the frosting to match the appetizing color of SPAM

A few days later I received an invitation to a chili cook-off party. My first thought was to take a SPAM CAKE. My second thought was been-there-done-that. So I made a CHEEZE WHIZ cake instead. Just like the SPAM CAKE you add CHEEZE WHIZ to the cake mix, in place of the oil called for (+ a little more for good measure.) Add food color to the batter and frosting to match the CHEESE WHIZ. Place with pride on vintage cake plate and serve with a smile.

Here’s to you and ANOTHER WEIRD CAKE!!