Americans in Paris

Bonjour!!!! Parlez vous francais??? I love these American tourists in a French Museum – especially the oh-so snooty one in the middle.

I’m an American in Paris this week and so I thought it would be appropriate to have a little Paris-i-ana instead of Americana – French fries, French doors, French bread, French poodles, and of course French kissing. My hosts here are charming. They don’t even mind my butchering the French language. The foooooooood – is delicious. I had a chicken gizzard salad, – don’t you just love the word GIZZARD? -and Yes, I’ve had snails – fifteen to be exact – I counted. I saw a Barbie fashion show where all the top French designers designed something tres chic for Barbie to wear. She looks great in everything.

There have been a couple of embarrassing moments too. Like when trying to recall all of the French words I know, I told my hosts that when I was a kid my mother got her hair done at a place called Bon Marche. I proudly asked for the translation. They said “Very cheap!” When I told them about my favorite French restaurant in Los Angeles they asked the name, I said “La Poubelle, what does that mean?” the reply was “the trash can.” And they weren’t kidding

Here’s to Paris-i-ana and vous!!