1957 Ford station wagon

This is a great slide, one of the most colorful station wagon shots I’ve ever run across. The gas station attendant checking under the hood while he’s fillin’ it up with Ethyl is the perfect finishing touch. The location wasn’t marked on the slide and I don’t recognize it so I just call it Somewhere, USA – hope that’s OK. The image is a bit soft. I never say out-of-focus, I call it dream focus or heavenly focus. Please do keep in mind this is amateur photography.

Station Wagons are icons of Americana. We had one didn’t you? It seems every family did. We had a 1972 Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser. It was very mod and had three windows in the roof so if you wanted to look up and see out, you could!

The station wagon body style was originally created in the 1920’s to carry passengers and their luggage to and from train trips. That’s how they got their name – they were train station wagons. By the 50s they had evolved from utilitarian to utopian and were often the most expensive and luxurious models on the showroom floor. Cargo turned into kids, and station wagons became the ultimate family car.

Imaginative and amusing model names, spelled out optimistically in bright shiny chrome, labeled the fenders and tailgates. In 1958, station wagon model names suggested that you explore in your Desoto Explorer; voyage in your Mercury Voyager; commute in your Mercury Commuter and live in suburbia with your Plymouth Suburban. You could take a safari in your Pontiac Safari; be festive in your Oldsmobile Fiesta or go to Colony Park in your Mercury Colony Park. Perhaps be a country squire in your Ford Country Squire; Nomad in your Chevrolet Nomad; or caballero in your Buick Caballero. You could even round up cattle in your Edsel Roundup then go shopping in your Desoto Shopper

Here’s to Station Wagons and YOU!!