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Watch Charles with Queen Latifah, Conan O’Brien, Martha Stewart!

NEW VIDEO: Charles Does Tiki Oasis Car Show

NEW VIDEO: Charles Phoenix Bob’s Big Boy Holiday Lighting

Charles lights up Big Boy at Bob’s Broiler in Downey, SoCal!!!

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NEW VIDEO: Charles Phoenix Astro Weenie Christmas Tree Blast Off!!!

Charles and model rocket launcher Jim Tucci blast an ASTRO WEENIE CHRISTMAS TREE into outer space!

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Watch Charles On The Queen Latifah Show – Halloween 2013

Charles cooks up Halloween in the kitchen with Queen Latifah !!!

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Watch Charles on The Queen Latifah Show – Christmas 2013

Charles cooks up Christmas in the kitchen with Queen Latifah !!!  

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Charles in the Los Angeles Times

Charles Phoenix brings his love of kitsch to cooking For Charles Phoenix, imagination is the magic ingredient. Hence dishes such as the […]

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