Frosty the Cheeseball Man

Watch as he melts into Cheezy Fondue Dip right before your eyes!

Laid Back Frosty

The bottom layer cracked and our Frosty the Cheeseball Man kept falling over. We ended up putting a chop stick down through to keep him vertical.

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Epic Melt Frosty!

Hi Charles- Here’s our YouTube video from Christmas- you Rock!

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Lil’ Frosty

We couldn’t bring ourselves to make a full-size Frosty so this is little brother. We hollowed out the bottom and filled w/drained Ro-tel.

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Onion Beanie Frosty

After the December 3 Holiday Slide Show in Torrance, I was determined to melt a cheeseball man of my own, and thought an Astro Weenie Christmas Tree was the perfect companion.

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Drunk Frosty

I brought Frosty the Cheeseball Man to a party this weekend and he was a big hit! I added a little wine to the pan and peppered his belly.

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Señor Nacho

Señor Nacho had no idea what was coming. He had gone through his short life smiling and combing his bushy mustache with his phantom limbs.

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