A gallery of Cherpumples as made by fans, bakers and dessert lovers all over the country.

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The Cherpumple is a three-layer cake with a pie baked in each layer. Cherpumple is short for cherry pie baked in a white cake layer, pumpkin in yellow and apple in spice. Your guests will be astonished! I DARE YOU TO TRY IT AT HOME!

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Another Cherpeaple

Since the hubs doesn’t like pumpkin pie, we substituted peach for the pumpkin. As such, we called our creation the Cherpeaple.

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Christmas CookPumPum

While only two layers, one pumpkin pie had sugar cookies, and the other had chocolate chip. The cakes (chocolate and butter) were dyed red and green for the holiday occasion.

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Slice o’ Cherpumple

We have a yearly Turducken party. This is the Cherpumple to go with this year’s Tuduckenen (turkey, duck, chicken and game hen).

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Christmas Cherpumple

Created for the office holiday baking competition, hence the Christmas Tree theme.

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Turkey Cherpumple

This was our third year, and it just keeps getting better. I made a turkey made out of gum paste to finish it off.

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Dane’s Cherpumple

What better dessert to go along with our Thanksgiving TurBaconEpic than a Cherpumple?!? I made a cherry pie in chocolate cake, pumpkin pie in yellow cake, and apple pie in spice cake.

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