Astro Weenie Christmas Tree

Fan-submitted Astro Weenie Trees made for any holiday and occasion: Christmas, 4th of July, birthdays and just for fun!

Astro-Veggie Christmas Tree of the Future!!!!!!!!!

I was SO EXCITED to find this in time for an upcoming Mid-Century Potluck party that I did up my “do,” donned my best party frock, and brought a mouthwatering, marvelous, utterly fabulous Astro-Veggie Christmas Tree of the Future.

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Astro Weenie Rocket!

I made this Astro Weenie rocket for a fundraising party for my kids’ school, which has a rocket logo.

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My dear friend has an annual Valentine’s Party, and I decided I really needed to bring something magical to share. Hence, the Unicornucopia – a unicorn horn of all the delicious treats frolicking unicorns enjoy in the wild

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Light Up Astro Weenie

We made this Astro Weenie Tree and took it to a Holiday party. It was a big hit, but everyone thought it was a decoration and hardly anyone ate it.

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Satan Santa’s Astro Weenie Tree Deluxe!

We decided to create your famous Astro Weenie tree this Xmas for a holiday party…but living in Ohio during December couldn’t find Star fruit.

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Astro Weenie Xmas Tree

After watching your video, I was inspired to create my own weenie tree. Everyone had such fun posing with it and bobbing for wieners.

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