Stovall’s Space Age Inn of Tomorrow, Anaheim, 1972

Futuristic lobby of the Inn of Tomorrow circa 1972

How much are we all loving those astro piñatas orbiting alongside that inner galactic galaxy of hanging lamps? They mix and mingle so well with that big blue futuristic video game, early automotive kit craft wall art and pea green armadillo sniffing the beautiful blue green shag carpet. Those blue and green hoops and bubbles glued on the bannister and front desk don’t disappoint either.

When it comes to tomorrow, more is more. This man-on-the-moon-age plastic pleasure palace of a motel lobby is Tomorrowland meets Small World proves it. If you are searching for the perfect definition of kick-ass kitsch, this is it!

We have plastics manufacturer and motel magnate Al Stovall to thank for this intoxicating installation of clever imagination. In the ’60s and ’70s, he owned four space-age themed motels near Disneyland. None were more over the moon than this one.

Today only this, the Inn of Tomorrow, still stands. Sadly, but not surprisingly, the once other worldly and wacky lobby has been stripped of nearly every delightful detail that makes us swoon with envy for those whoever had the pleasure of experiencing this memorable approach to design and décor live in person.

More is more!

Here’s to Al Stovall, his space-age style and YOU!

Charles Phoenix
September 13, 2012

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6 Responses to “Stovall’s Space Age Inn of Tomorrow, Anaheim, 1972”

  1. chad says:

    There is still a space age lodge in good ol’ Gila Bend, AZ. I’ve been…

  2. jennifer wilkins says:

    SoOoo000oooOOOO0000oo Beautiful! Reminds me of my grandma’s 70′s home decorating scheme, all Aqua and Avacado green. Did you know that Boomers cafe in downtown Upland closed. We bought 3 of their fabulous lamps!

  3. CMed says:

    We loved this slide at last weekend’s Anaheim show. Thanks for posting it here. And thanks for a great show last week!

  4. AitchCS says:

    I wish there were more photos of these hotels, I want to see them!!

  5. Mama Brea says:

    I grew up in Anaheim and remember when those hotels were in their glory. I always wanted to stay there on vacation, but knew we couldn’t because we lived only about a mile from there. They also had wonderful sculptured topiary shrubs in the shapes of animals lining Katella Blvd.

    Thanks for the memories, Charles!

  6. AitchCS says:

    This is truly amazing.

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