Charles Phoenix Video Mash-Up

Pop culture humorist, author, food crafter and tour guide Charles Phoenix performing his “Big Retro Slide Show” live on stage, mixing it up on TV with Conan and Martha Stewart and sharing his original culinary creations including the Astro-Weenie Christmas Tree, Cherpumple, Light-up Jell-O Mold, Flying Gingerbread House and more in this fun-filled mash-up of video clips!

Charles Phoenix at the Big Kid store in Sherman Oaks

9 Responses to “Charles Phoenix Video Mash-Up”

  1. kathleen allgood says:

    How about a nostalgic trip up Interstate 5 along the west coast? You could discover new & equally quirky (I lived in Southern California in the 50′s & 60′s & 70′s & 80′s…) adventures up north. This could be the fodder for a new book? Not even Guy Fieri has done this yet! You could connect with virtual friends who could lead you to places you have not yet experienced? Recommend passing through Eugene, OR in the fall, during the Eugene Celebration (NW Mardi Gras?) including special invitations to meet some of my “Slug Queen” friends! told me about your raison d’etre (nostalgic retrospectives & puns for all)…she was the first queen chosen by the people~ you won’t regret it!
    Thanks Mr. Inspiration :D

  2. Kate Glass says:

    Thank you for visiting our lollipop factory Charles! ..we loved meeting you! Enjoy your ginormous lollipop!

  3. Lia says:

    Loved it! can’t wait for your next live show!

  4. Kim Veil says:

    Just discovered you and so glad i did! I was amazed at your ‘Cherpumple’ and all your other stuff!

  5. Jonathan says:

    Brilliant! I’m planning my Christmas cocktail party already

  6. jennifer wilkins says:

    Loving the light up Jello mold! Hope to see you at Galco’s!

  7. Miriam says:

    Coming into town in July… so we will come to the July 22 Galco summer soda tasting!.. Can’t wait to see you charles !!

  8. Deb O'Nair says:

    Charles! your video mashup is gggrrrrreat!

  9. simone gad says:

    Great as always! Happy Easter and Passover, Simone

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