Greatest Rose Float!!! Tournament of Rose Parade, 1958

Rose parade float looks like cherry pie slice with vanilla ice cream

With the exception of the Tiki-themed rose float I will have the honor and joy of riding on January 2nd, in the 123rd annual Tournament of Roses Parade, this big giant piece of cherry pie has got to be my favorite rose float of all time!

Oh-so inspired are ways the rays of early morning sun capture that perfectly pinched crust and that giant breast of French vanilla ice cream melting between those big, juicy cherries. This is all thanks to the fine folks of the city of Van Nuys who brought us this flavorful floral fantasy piece of parade pie perfection in 1958.

Speaking of the Rose Parade, and I do often, (don’t you?) keep an eye out for me this year parading down Colorado Blvd. on Jan 2nd. I’ll be waving with gusto and grace between a fire-spewing volcano, two tropical waterfalls, three tiki gods, and five teenage beauty queens on board the City of Downey’s “Enchanted Paradise” rose float. Will be a dream come true and a great way to ring in a happy and prosperous 2012 to you all!!!

Here’s to the cherry pie float, the Rose Parade and YOU!

!!! Happy New Year !!!

Charles Phoenix
December 29, 2011

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10 Responses to “Greatest Rose Float!!! Tournament of Rose Parade, 1958”

  1. Paul Duca says:

    Did that float win a prize?

  2. sharon says:

    Does anyone have video or photo of 1958 Downey float entry “Skater’s Dream”? My cousin skated on the float. Thanks.

  3. Barry Hofstetter says:

    Charles, my wife and I were there at the Rose parade to see you on the Downey float. You were fab. I’ve decided that next year I would like to ride on float so I could view all the people. Barry & Cathi Hofstetter

  4. Pamela says:

    Lynnie, in answer to your question, I believe the letters on the front of the float say “Whatta Dish”, a colorful 1950′s complimentary phrase which I suppose refers to both the giant dessert and the lovely young lady holding the fork (I assume there is another utensil-wielding gal on the opposite side of the float as well). Can you imagine seeing something like that at today’s Rose Parade? The “political correctness” police would lose their minds!

  5. Phil says:

    Which one was Charles? Darn old Stephanie Edwards didn’t mention him. I loved the stoned trees. All the floats are displayed at the Rose Bowl this week.

  6. Tammie says:

    do you have anything or know how I can get a hold of photos of bands from the parade in 1958? My mom was with the RCC band that year in the parade. Thanks

  7. Phil says:

    I want to see a cherpumple float.

  8. Ali says:

    The Cherry Pie Float is awesome! Have fun in the parade today!

  9. Lynnie says:

    I’m just wondering why Van Nuys would pick this as a theme float….and what does it say in the front? Anyone??? And Charles, I will be looking for you on the TV, hopefully those network camera people will focus on you in all your glory, who cares about the float!!!

  10. Jo and Bernie says:

    Charles, love it that you will be parading down Colorado Blvd. Jan 2nd. In 1953, I was the official Rose Parade Twirling Drum Majorette leading the Pasadena City College 120 piece band. What fun, and later years twirled for Tommy Walker’s Topper’s professional musician band as their featured twirler. Will be rooting for you watching on Television. What fun. The Gottlieb’s Anaheim, CA .

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