Charles in the Highland Park Patch

Charles Phoenix serves poptails at Galcos Soda Pop Stop

Highland Park Sips Soda for Southwest Museum

Mount Washington teen Julian Axelrod rubs elbows with culture humorist Charles Phoenix and samples “Poptails” at Galco’s first “Summer Soda Tasting”.

By Kim Axelrod Ohanneson

“Poptails at Galco’s Soda Pop Stop?” said my teenage son.  “I’m there.”

On Sunday, so were hundreds of others, ranging from Southwest Museum supporters to soda pop aficionados, hipsters to historians, family units to fans of pop culturist Charles Phoenix.  Phoenix was the mixologist with the mostest at the first ever “Summer Soda Tasting” event at Galco’s Soda Pop Stop: the Highland Park fixture that stocks over 500 hard-to-find sodas from around the world.

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