A crumbling variation on a cherpumple

I decided I would make a Cherpumple for my boyfriend and his friend for our annual birthday LAN (Local-Area network) party. They were not a fan of pumpkin pie, so it was replaced with a peach pie.

The first one to bake was the apple — it did want out of the pan at all. Ended up being a pile of crumbs. (At this point I gave up and handed it over to the birthday boy to finish.)

The second layer, peach, did a little bit better, but was still not perfect. The last one, cherry, we put in a bigger cake pan and it came out the best (still not great). So we put it all together (as much as we could). The frosting part was hard! The cake just crumbed up when you tried to ice it. So I nuked the frosting and drizzled it on. Added some green sprinkles and some candles – and it was “done.”  It was still eaten and gradually shifted downwards and died…

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