Skybound Shotgun? Somewhere, USA, 1957

Mother and her son in pilot's uniform

A poodle-permed mother and her proud little pilot pose for a pre-flight portrait. I guess that would be an airportrait! Behind them a fence with windows reveals the most magnificent passenger flying machine of its day, the TWA Constellation. Pictured with them is a cartoon-y telescope-for-hire and a woman toting a basket and sporting a thick coat of grey wool. But she’s not the only one with a basket purse.

Mother also carries woven wicker. She pairs it with a travel-smart, box-cut suit. The khaki colored creation is finished with patch pockets and mock cuffs on three-quarter sleeves over a bow-tied blouse tucked into a side-slit, slim midi. The little pilot is a perfect gentleman in his timeless classic navy blazer, red vest, bolo tie and kid-sized captains hat. Between them sits their belongings – a camera case, hatbox and a pearly white shotgun.

Is the little pilot planning on checking that stylish shotgun or carrying it on?

Here’s to easy-breezy air travel and YOU!

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10 Responses to “Skybound Shotgun? Somewhere, USA, 1957”

  1. Braniff says:

    Speaking of weapons carried on board, fake or real, the readers and bloggers might want to consider the situation involving a passenger from Memphis to Washington DC in December 1970 by the name of Elvis Aaron Presley. If I’m correct, not only did Elvis get to carry his pistol, he took it to the person he was visiting, a Richard Nixon, who worked as President of the United States, and even presented it to Mr. President.

  2. T. Graham says:

    Hey Charles,
    It’s not a shotgun but a toy Pop Gun.
    I had a like this one about the same year. I thought it was made by Daisy, maybe Mattel. Fond memories. Thanks.

  3. LP says:

    In some ways in reminds me of the old Terminal
    One at Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix, AZ–bolo tie on the boy and all! The flat terrain and
    what maybe palm trees in the background.

  4. Jen Domani says:

    Love it! The rifle’s almost as big as he is.

    I needed something to smile about today. Thanks.

  5. Quite frankly, don’t know the difference between a shotgun and a rifle. Perhaps i should spend a little more time in Frontierland! And for the record, i’ve just been informed that the rifle is a Mattel Lever-action Winchester “Western Wagon Master” Sterling Rifle.

  6. Pam Reidhead says:

    I wonder if he got that toy gun at Disneyland?? I wish people dressed a little better in public these days. Maybe not as much as back then, but man, some people just dress like slobs, all in the name of comfort. I think that people can dress comfortably without looking like they just got out of bed!

  7. Don says:

    Actually, Charles, that’s a toy rifle, not a shotgun. Not a big deal, but you usually nail the details perfectly!

  8. JoAn Burdick Gottlieb says:

    Great going back in time, I remember flying out of LAX in the 50′s heading to teach baton twirling at some of the then huge camps in Texas and Colorado. Always wore high heels, hat, gloves and everyone else was dressed in suits and the same. It was a big, big deal back then and they also would place little sample packs of cigarettes on each food tray for those flying to try. No jets then, just props. I would guess when this picture was taken, that the wicker baskets were passed out to passengers with children as it most likely would have been something for Easter time. Just a guess. Jo

  9. Daniel says:

    Wow! times have really changed, I remember my grandparents traveling and ALWAYS dressed to the Nines, now people wear whatever they will from jammies to shorts,flip-flops. I wish i could go back to those days,thats why I shop vintage clothing stores.
    Here’s to you Charles,air travel and vintage clothing
    TTFN Daniel in Sylmar,CA

  10. Susan Shen says:

    What a different time that was! The little boy
    will probably be able to take his toy shotgun
    with him and keep it close during the trip.
    When packing for a flight, I have to think if
    I’ll be able to take my nail clippers (has to have an under 4 inch blade)and shampoo no more
    than three ounces! Think I preferred it the
    other way.

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