Los Angeles County Fair, Pomona, 1962

Los Angeles county fair Fun Zone neon sign

Mark your calendars and start making plans – the world’s largest and most spectacular county fair begins a week from today, September 10, 2004 and runs through the 26th. Every year I recommended it to even my most jaded and snooty friends and they love it too — and so will you. The kitsch-culture fest of bizarre demonstrations, shows, amusements, junk-food and displays in an historic setting is intoxicating. Not to mention a feast for all your senses. It’s has been an annual tradition since 1922

The entrance to the Fun Zone at the fair was one of Southern California’s most spectacular works of neon ever. It was built in 1950 and unfortunately unceremoniously demolished in 1980. Going to the fair every year as a kid during the 60s and 70s I remember it well. While mom was stocking up on the latest miracle carpet cleaner, no-stick frying pans and an air fern, and dad was reliving his days on the ranch looking I’d be begging them to let me go into the Fun Zone. But they thought it was unsafe for a nice boy like me. Year after year I begged them to let me go in there. Year after year they said “No, you’re not going in the Fun Zone.” Finally when I got a little older I asked “Why?” I’ll never forget the stern response. “Well son, were afraid you’ll be… KNIFED!”

Here’s to the Los Angeles County Fair and to you

Hope to see you there!!

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3 Responses to “Los Angeles County Fair, Pomona, 1962”

  1. craig e. hellman says:

    Charles, when i worked a Alpa Beta 1962/1978 in pomona,ca mrs Williams who husban did all of the signes at the fair grounds in pomona,shoped at my they were both great people she drove a 1962 imperal dark brown what as i would put her thinks in the big trunk!!what a car those rear tail lights!!keep up the great work, what car lot did your dad have, as myself and buddys would ck out all of the lots on sat.
    sincerly,craig 909-720-8435

  2. GailMarie says:

    Yes, Lands, there WAS a monorail! It was still operating the first time I attended the LA County Fair, which would’ve been in 1986 or 1987. The track ran past the grandstand. What I found ironic was that it had tailights. Given that it was on a track and there was only one operating, I had to wonder who those turn signals and brake lights were intended for!
    I believe Charles showed a slide of it when he lectured at Antelope Valley College in Lancaster a few years ago. How about it, Charles? I vote for a nice monorail “Slide of the Week.”

  3. Lands says:

    Wow! I have been going to the fair for 35 years, and everytime I think “wan’t there a huge sign and enterance to the rides section right here?”. I can now prove that I wasn’t crazy (in this case anyway). I was just at the fair last week. It certainly still holds enough of the old to bring back many memories, but I wish they hadn’t changed some things.

    Does anyone else remember them having a “monorail” type ride? I seem to rememeber 10 or so years ago that they still had the track up.

    Thanks for the slide and the memories.

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