Casa De Cadillac, Los Angeles, 1955

Cadillac dealership circa 1955

Blazing neon, a seventeen foot flocked tree, painted icicles, two-story candy canes and shiny new Cadillacs — it’s Christmas at Casa de – 1955

Recently a fine friend of mine, Mr. Stork went to work at this legendary San Fernando Valley automotive agency. While rummaging through a drawer he discovered this amazing slide which had not seen the light of day for nearly five decades.

Casa de Cadillac is one of the most spectacular mid-century modern automotive display cases ever built. The year was 1949, the same year Cadillac introduced the Coupe de Ville. Today, Casa de Cadillac is the architectural highlight of the valley where it has been offering the finest luxury cars ever since. After 55 years the Coupe de Villes have been replaced by Escalades but miraculously the structure and signage remain virtually unchanged.

Here’s to Casa De Cadillac and to YOU!!

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10 Responses to “Casa De Cadillac, Los Angeles, 1955”

  1. Dale Snow says:

    My dad and I would take his Caddilac every Sunday to the Car Wash, he would get his shoes shined and talk to his friends while he read Variety or the Hollywood reporter. Casa De Caddilac was the hang out for all the young executives on Sunday morning.

  2. Tina says:

    There were three businesses Casa de Cadillac, Casa de Petro (gas station & now a floral shop), & Casa de Cascade (which is now Handy J wash). It still has the water- fall in front though.

  3. R. Hinman says:

    In my search for the history of Casa de Cadillac, I came across this posting. My father became General Manager of Casa de Cadillac in 1960. I have a few pictures that I was searching the history on. I have one with him at a ribbon cutting with Martin Pollard and actress Gale Storm in May 1960. It is wonderful to see history and what my father’s life was before I was around :-)

  4. Craig E.Hellman says:

    hello great pic, Tate Cad in Pomona,ca had blk Cad with red bo, for the holldays when i workes at groc stores in the pomona valley .
    what was the name of your dads car lot in ontario, ca as we would go look at cars on our days off as they great cars back then!!!
    p.s geat sides!!!thanks.

  5. Jim Bohlin says:

    I grew up in the Valley in the 50′s & 60′s. One thing this picture can’t show you is the pronunciation. Back then it was brutally anglicized into “Cassidy” Caddilac. As in Hopalong.

  6. Steven Tuck says:

    What dealership decorates for Christmas like that anymore? The flocked Christmas tree that almost dwarfs the cars themselves. Opps but that is impossible since the dealer can only get two vehicles on the showroom floor. This may be due to their length of 222 inches or 222.2 inches to be exact for that 1956 Seville on the left.

    I am a Cadillac enthusiast and first met you at the Lambda Car Club Grand Invitational in Atlanta 2008. You gave a great show. I own a 1962 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz convertible in Victorian Gold with Sandalwood Interior. Now they don’t have colors or names like that anymore.

    Keep up the good work. We all love you.

  7. Ron says:

    I think your picture of Casa De Cadillac must have been taken during the Christmas of 1956-1957. The Cadillac on the left sure looks like the 1957 model Eldorado Brougham. I remember the lavish Christmas party hosted by Martin Pollard, the owner, for his employees. I worked at Casa De Cadillac from the spring of 1956 until April of 1957 as a delivery boy. It was a fun job. I rode a three wheel Harley Davidson motorcycle that could be hitched to the back of a Cadillac. Cadillac was “the luxury car” back then.

  8. Danny Nero says:

    The car wash is still there but no longer the Casa de Cascade. If you ever find yourself in Sherman Oaks at the intersection of Ventura Blvd. and Beverly Glen, pull over and park and visit the fabulous showroom at Casa de Cadillac. You won’t be sorry!

  9. Don says:

    Next door was a car wash called Casa-de-Cascade (stil there?). My grandmother lived in Sherman Oaks so this slide reminds me of the laughs always produced by driving past these unique businesses on Ventura Blvd.

  10. This is an absolutely fantastic slide, and truly a treasure to Cadillac fans like myself. I especially love this slide because I have a yellow and black 1955 Coupe deVille and a turquoise and white 1955 Coupe deVille, so except for the year model difference of the 1956 Seville and deVille in this slide, they’re twins to my cars!

    I bought a black and white 8X10 of Casa de Cadillac just last year ago that was taken in 1959. These images have definitely helped me decide to stop by the dealership when I’m in California this March and take a modern pic.

    I’d definitely like to contact Mr. Stork and determine if he’d like a copy of my 8×10 print in exchange for a print made from his slide.

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